Actress Hari Teja Got Insulted At Mahanati Theater

actress hari teja got insulted at mahanati theater Actress Hari Teja Got Insulted At Mahanati Theater
Hari Teja is one of the artists, who came from television field to cine field. She attracted audiences with her comedy timing and dialogue delivery. Till now actress acted more than ten flicks in span of eight years.
As per news Hari Teja insulted at Mahanati cine hall, when she went to movie along with her family. She said at a certain time their family members want to change their place at that time a woman started arguing with them and insulted. Hari Teja shared her view about this incident through a video. To know full information users can watch video.
Hari Teja entered into cine land with Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule in a small role. She got good name and fame with A Aa. In this she shared the screen with Nithin, Sam and few other actors. Now she busy in Jamba Lakidi Pamba cinema.
Hari Priya Emotional:
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