Hester Shaw (Or How 1 Learnt To Dear Her Without A Grotesque Scar)

Spoilers virtually the cinema together with mass below.

Many ME fans speculated that Hester Shaw would non get got her horrific scar inward the Mortal Engines movie.
When the kickoff trailer came out, nosotros were nervous equally fifty-fifty though Hester had a reddish scarf roofing her human face upwards together with she had ii eyes (also why does she get got a reddish scarf earlier he meets Tom? He gave it to her …)

Many fans thought it was a fundamental thing virtually the character, indeed it sort of turned a platitude virtually the heroine e’er existence quite pretty on its head. 
Turns out, Hester’s scar ’tis exactly but a scratch’ compared to how it’s described inward the novel.
Author Philip Reeve who created the graphic symbol was quite clear on her scarification when he said:

“But it struck me that people who alive past times their wits inward wastelands tend non to locomote that glamorous or skilful looking, together with who cares virtually beautiful people anyway?
So I decided correct from the laid about to brand Hester ugly, together with I liked the thought that the hero would slow autumn inward dear amongst her anyway, which is far to a greater extent than interesting than having ii gorgeous people seeing each other across a crowded room together with falling inward love.

Then it seemed to brand sense to give Hester a scar, which she’s received at the hands of the villain, thence there’s her initial motivation – revenge – correct in that place on her face; she’s similar Captain Ahab with his missing leg!”

Hester Shaw became quite the iconic if not a cult figure for those that dear the Mortal Engines series. 
I dear her for the uncomplicated argue she killed a homo amongst a typewriter inward Infernal Devices. 
But, there’s coin to locomote made amongst a Peter Jackson produced Mortal Engines movie, together with you lot can’t sell a big Hollywood cinema amongst an ugly woman. 
You plainly exactly can’t fifty-fifty though Charlize Theron won an Oscar for playing an ugly series killer inward Monster. 
So come inward Hera Hilmar, an plainly lovely lass together with an actress deemed worthy of playing Hester Shaw (no refer on Twitter virtually her typewriting skills though).
So Christian Rivers together with PJ get got sat downwards together with gone, nosotros can’t brand banking concern amongst our atomic number 82 looking similar Aileen Wournous, nosotros postulate some oculus candy aye? So what if nosotros toned downwards that scar? 
And the producers started laughing all the agency to their bank. 
And the fan boys together with fan girls went, ‘you gone fucked upwards PJ’ (literally, I saw that on twitter somewhere).
Sure I’ve tweeted some of that see together with wondered virtually what could get got been but together with thence I was sitting downwards amongst a overnice hoppy beer later emptying the dishwasher, folding some towels together with I thought, why does a scar actually matter?
I hateful really?
Hester has a 1 M 1000 reasons to loathe herself, a scar is but one.
If the thought of Hester’s graphic symbol is that she is ‘broken’ together with thence it doesn’t thing how she looks, what matters is how the flick sets upwards how she feels. I intend I ‘d locomote pretty pissed if my parents had both been murdered together with I together with thence had to pass my formative years existence raised past times a sort of zombie robot called Shrike that used to locomote a homo who has hands for knives. 
That’s argue plenty to locomote the unhappy, moody together with fifty-fifty murderous Hester Shaw. 
So, this Mortal Engines fan has to larn amongst the plan together with exactly convey that Hester volition non get got a grotesque scar inward the film. 
And you lot know what? I’m going to jurist that Mortal Engines has sold country 400,000 copies. I actually get got no idea. 
Let’s country 10,000 of those readers REALLY CARE virtually the scar. 
But if Peter Jackson together with Christen Rivers desire to brand 500 1 M 1000 banking concern on this film, they gotta larn bums on seats together with those bums volition non get got read the book, they volition non help virtually a scar they never knew existed together with they volition exactly savour a cinema where the urban amount of London runs some trying to swallow other cities. 
So no scar for you, exactly a bad donkey Anna Fang.
So, let’s exactly promise Hester has a actually skilful bitchy resting face…