How To Add Together Or Modify Favicon Inwards Blogger Blogs

Favicon is a tiny icon which appears beside the address of your weblog inwards spider web browsers, yesteryear defualt blogger supply its default icon equally favicon of blogger blogs but having your ain custom icon volition induce got your blog’s construct value to the side yesteryear side level, it equally good helps to attract visitor’s inwards its ain way. blogger provides rattling slow upload method to add together favicon inwards your blog, it tin mail away hold upwards done via layout, but if in that location is no pick inwards your layout don’t acquire panic nosotros induce got around other method to pose favicon inwards your blog’s address bar.

How To Add or Change Favicon In Blogger Blogs

Step 1. Log into your Blogger’s Dashboard, together with therefore become to the “Layout” together with Click on the “Edit” link on the “Favicon” widget.

Step 2. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 pop-up window volition opened upwards where y’all tin mail away search for an icon inwards your difficult movement that volition supercede the default Favicon image. Click on the “Browse” push clit together with search for your favicon (please banking venture complaint that it should induce got foursquare inwards size), together with therefore click on the “Save” button.
Step 3. Now y’all should come across your ain Favicon instead of the Blogger’s default favicon.
Note:- Please expire along inwards heed that it mightiness induce got around fourth dimension until your novel Favicon volition look inwards your Browser’s tab or window.
If y’all can’t come across the favicon widget inwards your layout together with therefore follow the below steps or y’all desire to add together animated favicons to your Blogger blogs, together with therefore purpose the next method instead.

How to manually add together Favicon inwards Blogger or animated favicon

Before Editing nosotros recommend y’all to construct a backup of your template, therefore that anything goes incorrect y’all all the same induce got your weblog pattern safe.

The First affair y’all involve to create is to login into your Blogger concern human relationship together with become to >> Themes >> Edit HTML together with search for the ending <b:skin> tag together with only higher upwards it glue the next code.

<link href=”your-favicon-link” rel=”icon” type=”image/gif”/>

Note :- replace your-favicon-link amongst your Favicon link location


Congrats !! You induce got made it. at 1 time y’all induce got learned that How To Add or Change Favicon In Blogger Blogs Visit your weblog together with banking venture gibe the awesome widget alive inwards action, promise y’all liked this tutorial, if y’all enjoyed together with therefore delight portion it amongst your friends, nosotros are working difficult to prepare to a greater extent than such awesome widgets delight remain tuned amongst Us. 안녕 !! (Goodbye inwards Korean).