Menik Gooneratne Is Playing Sathya Inwards Someone Engines

Menik Gooneratne from Mortal Engines film every bit Sathya Menik Gooneratne is playing Sathya inward Mortal Engines

We’ve learned that Menik Gooneratne is playing the graphic symbol of Sathya inward the Christian Rivers managing director Mortal Engines movie. Sathya is a friend of Anna Fang’s.

Gooneratne concluding appeared on the silvery hide inward the good received  Dev Patel film, Lion.

Like a duad of Kiwis inward Mortal Engines who took a plough on Shortland Street (Joel Tobeck), Menik has done the same Australian road past times means of Neighbours.  You know, where Kylie Minogue together with Jason Donovan made their names…

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