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Officer is the new action based film of TFI Officer Movie Collections
Officer is the new action based film of TFI. It released after huge publicity to earn the huge amount of money. RGV penned many hopes over this project and looked so confident over hit.
It sucessfully released yesterday in high number of theaters as a eye treat for Nag fans. But from morning show onwards flick earned bad talk due to so many action scenes, which are failed to entertain people and improper screenplay.
As per news opening day collections are given shock to whole T town. According to news film gathered less than fifty lakhs and stood a biggest flop in carrier of King Nagarjuna. Film is looking hard to perform well in coming days on considering this collections and mouth talk.
Movies which are released along with Officer is received better talk and success in impressing the people. King also thought that this flick, will receive good talk along with openings but his imagination went wrong.
After Siva RGM and King joined hands for thriller film Govinda Govinda. Taking, suspense, BGM and songs are the main plus points. Sridevi, Master Anilraj, Sudhakar, P Sivaram and few other acted. It released and tasted hit in 1993.
Officer Movie Collections:
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