Puttaraju Lover Of Shashikala Movie Review

puttaraju lover of shashikala movie review Puttaraju Lover Of Shashikala Movie Review

Puttaraju Lover of Shashikala is the new small budget movie of Sandalwood. It belongs to romantic genre and release on August 10 grandly in main centers of Karnataka state. Amith Gowda, Naresh Dingri, Jayashree Aaradhya and many other acted.

Direction part is handled by Sahdev and financial matters are managed by Nagaraju H V and Raju Balakrishna. Tunes were given by Sri Ram Gandharva and Karan Mahadev provided BGM. Film earned UA certificate from Sandalwood censor committee members. For review, rating users can see below.

Puttaraju Lover of Shashikala Movie Cast:

Amith Gowda
Jayashree Aradhya
Surya Kundapura
Sushmitha Siddappa
Puttaraju Lover of Shashikala Movie Crew:

Director: Sahadev
Producers: Raju Balakrishna and Nagaraju H V
Music: Sri Ram Gandharva
BGM: Karan Mahadev
Release Date: 10 August 2018
Language: Kannada
Puttaraju Lover of Shashikala Movie Story Line:

Puttaraju Lover of Shashikala flick story takes place in a school which is located in a village. Puttaraju falls in love with Shashikala and both starts a beautiful journey. But both of them face problems from their elders. What happened next? Both became one or not? To know watch movie.
Lead artists delivered clean and neat performance from their side. Comedy also worked out in parts. Emotions and love between satria and heroines is good. Director presented the film nicely within the budget. Songs and other elements are okay. Story and predictable scenes are minus points.
Puttaraju Lover of Sahshikala Movie Rating: 2/5


People who love to watch love based cinemas they can enjoy. People who wants high action and romance they can skip the film.

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