We Convey A Hunch Jihae Is Singing The Somebody Engines Topic Song

Update: We called it! Jihae sings a Vera Lynn vocal inwards the trailer! - I had an idle idea spell listening to approximately Jihae (as you lot create when you lot know she's playing Anna Fang inw...


Junkie 40 Confirmed To Ambit Individual Engines

If you lot idea it was fourth dimension for a footling less conversation nearly the Mortal Engines film, you'd last wrong. It would appear the guy that brought Elvis dorsum from the dead is scorin...


Tom Holkenborg Aka Junkie Forty Talks Virtually The Someone Engines Cinema Score

Film composer Tom Holkenborg has had a rich vein of shape inwards the end decade scoring for movies such equally Mad Max, Batman V Superman (Wonder Woman theme), Tomb Raider, Dead Pool too the forth...