The Household That Jack Built (Or Is Trying To…)

Set Design for Screen at Wimbledon College of Arts pupil Jack Pratt has successfully launched a crowd fundingexercise for a Mortal Engines Animation Project.

Here’s his pitch:

My advert is Jack Pratt as well as I am a tertiary yr pupil studying BA (Hons) Set Design for Screen at Wimbledon College of Arts.

At Wimbledon I report all aspects of the artistic procedure that goes into the creation of projects for the screen, such every bit film, tv, music videos etc. and, inwards my lastly year, I select the chance to select that all together into one, large project. For this, I select chosen to conform ‘Mortal Engines’ yesteryear Philip Reeve into a curt terminal displace animation teaser trailer.

‘Mortal Engines’ is laid upwardly inwards a dystopian future, inwards the aftermath of a nuclear state of war that every bit devastated the earth. Cities displace some on gigantic tracks as well as airships roam the skies. The flush follows a immature man child named Tom Natsworthy, who lives aboard the traction metropolis of London, as well as Hester Shaw, a daughter from the ‘out-country’ seeking revenge for the expiry of her family.

Check out the whole pitch.

Here’s the animation as well as then far:

Jack Pratt University Project – Making of update from Jack Pratt on Vimeo.

Let’s promise Jack delivers!