We Convey A Hunch Jihae Is Singing The Somebody Engines Topic Song


We called it! Jihae sings a Vera Lynn vocal inwards the trailer!

I had an idle idea spell listening to approximately Jihae (as you lot create when you lot know she’s playing Anna Fang inwards Mortal Engines) that she should in all probability create a subject vocal for Mortal Engines every bit virtually Peter Jackson productions appear to tack on a vocal inwards the credits – i or 2 may accept fifty-fifty won Oscars!

So I posted this idea on twitter:

Notice anything?

That’s correct Jihae herself liked it. Well, if she’s managing the trouble organisation human relationship herself she did.

Either way, is this a subtle confirmation that yes, Jihae is involved inwards approximately capacity on the soundtrack?

It actually should hold out a no brainer – Anna Fang is going to hold out a HUGELY POPULAR graphic symbol every bit along amongst Hester, she’s a chip of a mass readers fan favorite, together with then why non accept the actress who is already an accomplished singer, belt out a tune?

And this gets us wondering – who is composing the music for the movie? An quondam favourite of Peter’s or mortal new?

So who create I collect on my bet with?