We’re 1 Twelvemonth Old!

shrike assail gasbag as well as gondola fan fine art We're i twelvemonth old!

It’s our i twelvemonth anniversary every bit a website!

Or yous could country it’s our birthday.

One twelvemonth of wistfully waiting for a film based on a mass that I had never heard of until Peter Jackson announced his protege Christian Rivers would survive directing a film most giant cities that roamed a scorched footing eating each other.

I was in.

And hence naturally I had to read the book.

And I was inwards x 2

And hence I read the residuum of the books as well as at i time I suspect this website has move to a greater extent than most the books than the movie!

Wait till that trailer though eh? Next twelvemonth perhaps? Any matter released at i time till Christmas is in all likelihood going to larn lost inwards the hype of The Last Jedi coming out.

We’ve covered a boat charge of footing inwards a twelvemonth as well as made some friends on Twitter as well as Facebook which has been great. Hey yous lurkers, come upward as well as country hello!

I also suspect nosotros are the alone dedicated Mortal Engines website out in that place – except for a few wiki as well as of course, the Ministry of Truth himself, Mr Philip Reeve.

Here’s some of our to a greater extent than pop posts over the year.

Fan fine art yesteryear the talented Peter Yea.