↠ What Hester Shaw Having 2 Eyes Agency For The Individual Engines Film

Spoilers most the mass follow inwards this acre on the eyes of Hester Shaw.

Spoilers most the mass follow inwards this acre on the eyes of Hester Shaw ↠ What Hester Shaw having 2 eyes way for the Mortal Engines film

There was i affair that surprised us amongst the unloose of the Mortal Engines trailer

It was non the majesty of London towering over petty Salthook.

It was non the giant hooks fired into the sky.

It was non the fourth dimension on the clock beingness earlier midday (and therefore wrong according to the book).

It was that Hester Shaw appeared to accept two eyes!

Readers of the mass past times Philip Reeve volition know that Hester is a hideously scarred immature daughter amongst alone i eye. H5N1 wee spoiler hither to explicate – a principal grapheme inwards the cinema sliced her human face upwardly opened upwardly amongst a sword when she was a immature tike in addition to she lost her oculus equally a result.

She’s supposed to last ugly to hold off at. The trauma of what happened to her is both inward in addition to outward.

Bad things happened to Hester.

Hester looks bad.

And this HEAVILY affects her character’s psyche.

The writer has explained his intent behind this quite well.

Spoilers most the mass follow inwards this acre on the eyes of Hester Shaw ↠ What Hester Shaw having 2 eyes way for the Mortal Engines film
An artist’s interpretation of mass Hester Shaw’s scar

So volition the Big Hollywood Movie Version of Hester Shaw accept whatever influence on the character?

Well, start upwardly nosotros (me) accept to larn over ourselves in addition to think 2 things.

This aint Shakespeare (even though the name of the mass was inspired past times Othello) in addition to it’s a big production Hollywood film which way the books are simply a guide for the Peter Jackson produced in addition to Christian Rivers directed spectacle to follow.

So the trailer for Mortal Engines therefore introduced us to Hester amongst two, salubrious looking eyes.

What of it?

Well, Hester is too quote famous for wearing a crimson scarf to enshroud her disfigurement in addition to quess what is roofing one-half of Hester’s face?

That’s right, nosotros are non shown the lower one-half of her visage. Perhaps underneath it, there’s a missing nose? H5N1 hack out cheek amongst teeth showing through? H5N1 deliciously hideous scar?

It mightiness last that due to Hollywood’s involve to cash in, the Pb actress needs to last pretty still.

This is non Monster staring a Hollywood beauty equally Eileen Wuornos. No, this is a relatively unknown actress inwards a huge component on which Peter Jackson’s investor millions rest.

The enquiry actually is, volition Hester even in addition to then last a barbarous petty cobra, a cacodemon of speak rage in addition to resolve? 

Part of the mass character’s lure is that she is the anti-hero of the tale, unmarried minded inwards her mission for revenge in addition to has problem making friends. Let’s promise that’s retain equally much equally possible.

So, Hester volition last pretty in addition to that’s that.


There’s a wee hazard all is non equally it seems.

In the book, Hester doesn’t larn her crimson scarf until AFTER she has met Tom (he gets her one). The trailer is the opening scene of the mass – which way at that indicate Hester has non met Tom in addition to therefore she has no crimson scarf.

Of course, amongst film to mass happening, anything tin john happen.

So it could last there’s a chip of a imitation out happening.

Maybe Hester’s scar volition last added afterward i audiences accept been drawn in. It wouldn’t last the start fourth dimension that something was inwards a trailer but non the finally cinema – hold off at the finally 3 Star Wars movies – enough of modify ups happened to the indicate Rogue One hardly looks similar it’s ain trailer!

Now, what attain think of my disceptation that the trailer of Mortal Engines was basically the start of Star Wars: H5N1 New Hope?